Embedded media

The BlackBerry® Browser now includes full support for HTML 5 embedded media, excluding the <track> element.

The embedded media feature of HTML 5 includes:
  • the <audio> and <video> elements, which let you embed audio or video into your content without the need for a plug-in
  • the <source> element , which lets you specify a media resource; multiple <source> elements can be included to specify a prioritized list of media resources
  • a scripting API that lets you control playback
  • a set of media-related events

Using <audio> or <video> elements to embed media into your content allows the media to be played within the web content without requiring a third-party plug-in, and without opening the file in the Media application and hiding the web page. Developers can also access and manipulate embedded media through the DOM using JavaScript® and CSS.

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