System requirements: BlackBerry Administration API development computers

Make sure that you install the required software on each computer that you use to develop applications for the BlackBerry® Administration API.



Windows® operating system

This the supported operating system.

Apache CXF™ 2.1.7

This is the web services framework that you use to bind your requests. Other web services frameworks might be supported, but additional configuration might be required. This framework includes the wsdl2java tool you use to generate your client proxy.

Java® SE Development Kit 6 Update 15

This includes Java SE, the JRE™, and other important tools, such as keytool.exe, which you use to create your key store. Make sure you know the file path that is specified for your JAVA_HOME environment variable.

Eclipse® IDE for Java Developers

This is the IDE that you use to develop and build your application.

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