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Preserve the aspect ratio in the view box

  1. On the Toolbox, click the Camera tool. The view box appears on the canvas.
  2. In the Inspector, click the Camera tab.
  3. Select the Preserve Aspect Ratio check box.
  4. To uniformly scale the content to fit into the view port, with no clipping, select the Meet option. The BlackBerry® device scales and aligns the view box so that there is no loss of content, and adds transparent padding around the content.
  5. To prevent scaling, select the Slice option. The BlackBerry device clips the view box so that the content fills the view port with no padding.
  6. To specify how to align the graphic in the view port, click a square on the anchor grid. For example, to align the content to the upper-left corner of the view port, click the upper-left square on the grid.

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