Create a button event

  1. On the workspace, select the button object to which you want to add an action.
  2. On the Button tab on the Inspector, click one of the following events from the Button Events:
    • On Activate: Occurs when the user clicks on the button using the Select key.
    • On Focus In: Occurs when the user scrolls over a button object.
    • On Focus Out: Occur when the user scrolls off a button object.

      The Interactivity dialog box appears.

  3. Perform the following steps to select and define one or more actions:
    1. Use the Action icons to select an action. The bottom portion of the dialog box changes based on the selected action, to allow you to set the action properties.
    2. Set the action properties as necessary.
  4. In the Event section of the dialog box, in the Buttons section, specify the length of time the action will be delayed.

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