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This active text field is supplied with a set of string patterns from the PatternRepository.

In the sample application, any nine-digit number that a BlackBerry® device user types in the ActiveAutoTextEditField is highlighted and can be clicked to access the Status and Location menu items.


This class is used to register an ApplicationDescriptor for this application. When an application descriptor is created, it is used to identify this application.


This class provides the ability to register a pattern with an application. The menu items that are registered with the pattern will become available in the context menu when a String matching the provided pattern is found in any active field.

In the sample application, the Status and Location menu items become available when the user clicks a nine-digit number in any active field in any application.


In the sample application, menu items are created and stored in an array. This array of menu items, along with a pattern and application descriptor, is passed into PatternRepository.addPattern(), which adds and registers the menu items so that they appear in the context menu when a pattern is found.

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