Architecture: BlackBerry Web Services

This diagram shows the components that are described in the following process flow.



Client application

The custom applications that you can develop and integrate with the BlackBerry Web Services to manage your organization's BlackBerry Device Service, BlackBerry devices, and user accounts.

Your applications use the login credentials of a BlackBerry Administration Service administrator account to authenticate with the BlackBerry Administration Service and BlackBerry Web Services. After an application is authenticated, the BlackBerry Web Services are initialized, and the BWS and BWSUtil web services are ready to receive API calls from the application.

BlackBerry Web Services

A collection of document-style web services that you can use to perform administrative tasks on your organization's BlackBerry Device Service. For example, you can create an application that uses the BlackBerry Web Services to automate the process of adding user accounts to the BlackBerry Device Service.

BlackBerry Administration Service

The web-based administration console that administrators log into and use to monitor and manage the BlackBerry Device Service, devices, and user accounts. The BlackBerry Web Services give your applications access to the management capabilities of the BlackBerry Administration Service.

BlackBerry Configuration Database

The database that is created when you install the BlackBerry Device Service. The BlackBerry Configuration Database stores data about server settings, devices, and user accounts. The BlackBerry Administration Service accesses the BlackBerry Configuration Database to use and make changes to this data.

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