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The SVGSVGElement interface represents the <svg> element in the SVG document tree structure. The SVGSVGElement object is the parent element for each SVGElement in the document tree.

In the sample application, the SVGSVGElement interface defines the height and width of the canvas that displays the SVGElements.


This interface represents an SVG element in the document tree. This interface provides methods to get and set the traits of each SVGElement such as the color, size, and position of the shape.

In the sample application, the circle, ellipse, spiral shapes, text label "JSR226 - Scalable 2D Vector Graphics API for J2ME", and BlackBerry® logo are all instances of SVGElement.


This interface represents a geometric path. Some SVGElement types use this path to define their shape.

The sample application uses this interface to define the shape of the spiral.


This interface represents a matrix that an SVGElement uses to modify the values of the transform attribute of the SVGElement.

The sample application uses this interface to change the position of the spiral on the screen.

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