Analyzing memory usage

The Profiles panel allows you to examine how your JavaScript code is utilizing memory. With the Profiles panel, you can determine where script-related memory issues exist.

To use the Profiles panel, you must first enable profiling. The Web Inspector prompts you to enable profiling when you first view the Profiles panel; you can choose to enable profiling for just the current session, or to always enable profiling.

The Profiles panel

You can click the Profiles icon in the toolbar to display the Profiles panel. If you have not already enabled profiling, the Web Inspector prompts you to do so.

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Profile your web content's memory usage

  1. Click the Profiles icon on the toolbar to display the Profiles panel.
  2. To start profiling your memory usage, press the Record button on the status bar. The button turns red as the Web Inspector is recording the memory usage.
  3. To stop recording, click the Record button again.
When you stop recording, the Profiles panel displays the results. The profile results indicate the amount of time the browser engine spent executing each function during the recording process, as well as the number of times each function was called. An excessive amount of time spent in any one function can indicate that there is an issue.
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