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This class provides a central LocationPicker object to store individual location pickers (such as GPSLocationPicker and MapsLocationPicker) in. All location pickers are added to the screen because they are extensions of the PopupScreen class.

LocationPicker also provides the functionality to register location pickers as global LocationPicker objects, allowing any application on the BlackBerry® device to access them. The class has two nested interfaces, LocationPicker.Picker and LocationPicker.Listener. For more information, see Featured interfaces.

The sample application is designed to showcase the LocationPicker class, and its nested interfaces. It creates an array of LocationPicker.Picker objects, then adds them to the LocationPicker object and pushes that object to the screen.


This class represents a landmark, or a known location. A LocationPicker.Picker object can contain a Landmark, which stores information about the name and coordinates of a location.

The sample application creates an array of Landmark objects to populate a SuggestedLocationPicker.

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