Choosing a development platform

To provide API methods that meet the needs of the different BlackBerry® Enterprise Server components, the BlackBerry® Administration API classes use polymorphic data objects. These objects are data type extensions that inherit the properties of a parent class, but contain data that is managed by a specific BlackBerry Enterprise Server component. Using polymorphic data objects allows you to add or remove features from your application as you add or remove components from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Data type extensions are not currently supported by all web service frameworks. If you are developing in Java®, to make sure that your platform supports data type extensions, you should choose a platform and framework that support JAXB 2.1 binding and @XMLSeeAlso annotation. If you are developing in Microsoft® .NET or any other language, your platform must support XSD type extensions. The following frameworks support the data type extension requirements of the BlackBerry Administration API.


Languages supported

Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET

All Microsoft .NET languages

Apache CXF™ 2.1.1


JAX-WS RI 2.1.4


The API reference and other supporting documentation for the BlackBerry Administration API provide code samples in Microsoft® Visual C#® and Java.

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