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Text properties in the Inspector




This property contains the text that an object displays. You can change the text from within this field.


This property specifies the font style, such as bold or italics. The font styles that you can use depend on which styles are available for the font face that you are using.


This property underlines the text.


This property renders a line through the text.

Horizontal and Vertical

This property specifies the width and height of the text.


This property links the Horizontal size control and the Vertical size control. If you change the value for one control, the value for the other control changes as well. If you turn off constraining, you can configure the height and width of the text separately and the text is stretched appropriately.


This property changes the space between letters. A spacing value of 0 indicates that letters display according to the value that the font face specifies. You can use this property to squeeze letters together (by using negative values) or to space letters further apart (by using positive values).


This property changes the slant or angle of the text. You can apply shearing to fonts that are already specified as oblique or italic. A shearing value of 0 indicates that the letters are rendered at the slant that the font face specifies. Positive values slant the text to the right, while negative values slant the text to the left.


This property specifies the distance into the path that you want to start the text at, in pixels.

This property is only available for text on curve objects.

Flip Horizontal and Flip Vertical

This property mirrors the text horizontally or vertically.


This property specifies whether font edges are smooth.

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