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Defining the viewable screen area

The BlackBerry® Composer includes a Camera tool that you can use to define the view box. The content in the view box is the part of the canvas that users view on their BlackBerry devices. When you select the Camera tool, the BlackBerry Composer displays the view box over the canvas.

By scaling the view box or repositioning it on the canvas you can animate the view box to create effects similar to those you can create using a video camera. For example, you can simulate zooming in and out of the scene on the canvas by animating the size of the view box over time or you can simulate panning across the canvas by animating the position of the view box.

You might not know the dimensions of the view port on the BlackBerry device when you create your content. By default, the content stretches to fill the entire BlackBerry device screen, which can distort the content.

To avoid stretching the content to fit the BlackBerry device screen, you can use the Preserve Aspect Ratio property for the Camera tool to control resizing the contents of the view box.

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