BlackBerry Theme Builder workspace

When you start the BlackBerry® Theme Builder, the workspace displays a preview image of the BlackBerry device that you created the theme for, a toolbar, and the collapsed view of the Inspector panel.

The workspace is customizable. You can show the tools that you use most often and hide the ones that you don't use. For example, if you prefer to work in the preview area of the canvas, you can show the Quick Edit bar and you can hide the Inspector by clicking the arrow on the header of the Inspector. You can move the project tools to any part of the workspace, and you can undock any of the tools from the workspace. The BlackBerry Theme Builder saves the customizations that you make to the workspace for the next time that you open the BlackBerry Theme Builder.


The canvas displays the preview area. You can move the preview area around the canvas.


You can use the toolbar in the BlackBerry Theme Builder to access actions you use on a regular basis. After you select a screen to change, the toolbar shows only the buttons that apply to the screen you selected.

Preview area of the canvas

The preview area of the canvas displays a preview image of the device that you created the theme for. You can click the device element on the preview area of the canvas and make changes to the element on the Quick Edit bar. You can change the size of the preview image by using the Zoom buttons that are below the preview image.

Quick Edit bar

The Quick Edit bar displays the options that you can use to change an element. You must first click an element in the preview area of the canvas to see the options on the Quick Edit bar.


The Inspector includes the buttons that you can use to select a screen and the elements for each screen that you can change. You can expand the Inspector to show all the elements and make the changes to them on the Inspector. If you prefer, you can hide the elements in the Inspector and use the Quick Edit bar to make changes to the elements.

Catalog panel

The Catalog panel stores images and colors for use in your themes. You can drag images and colors from the Catalog to the Quick Edit bar or to the Inspector.

Alignment panel

The Alignment panel allows you to select multiple objects on specific screens and change the alignment of the objects.

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