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Adjusting path segments

Irregular shapes, such as polygons, polylines, freehand paths, elliptical arcs, and Bézier curves are made up of a number of path segments. Path segments can be straight or curved: polygons and polylines contain one or more straight path segments; freehand paths, elliptical arcs, and Bézier curves can include straight and curved path segments.

Path segments are defined by the position of the following two kinds of points:

  • Anchor points specify the beginning and end of the path segment
  • Control points to change the direction and shape of a curve

In the Plazmic® Composer, anchor points appear as red squares along the path. When you select an anchor point on a curve, the control points appear. Control points appear as black circles, connected to an anchor point by a direction line.

You can use the Transformation or Select tool to move anchor points and control points to refine a shape. You can use the Add Points and Remove Point tools to add or remove anchor points. When you add anchor points to a path, you increase the number of path segments and you have more control over the shape. When you remove anchor points, you simplify the path.


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