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Item Description
Flow Find out more about how the concept of flow is incorporated in BlackBerry 10. Read more
Designing a UI for different screen sizes Discover the best practices for optimizing screen layouts. Read more
Gestures Find out which gestures you can incorporate in your application. Read more
Notifications Learn about ways to inform users about application-specific events. Read more
Sharing and the invocation framework Learn about the best practices for giving users access to external services. Read more
Cards Find out how you can use cards to show screens from another application as an inline experience in your application. Read more
Back behavior Discover the best practices for taking users back in an application hierarchy. Read more
Menus This section has been updated to include best practices for grouping items in context menus and action menus. Read more
Application icons and covers We've added more examples and best practices for designing your application icon and cover. Read more about application icons or Read more about application covers
Typography Find more examples of recommended type weights and sizes that you can use in your application. Read more

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