Selling digital goods in your application

The Payment Service SDK provides a set of classes that allow you to hook your application into the Payment Service, which processes the purchases that users make in the BlackBerry App World storefront. You can use the Payment Service APIs to create a highly secure and consistent purchase experience that permits users to make purchases without leaving your application.

To sell digital goods from your application you must be a registered vendor with BlackBerry App World, and your application containing digital goods must be distributed exclusively through BlackBerry App World. Digital goods go through a vetting process along with your applications. To sign up as a vendor, visit

Users can purchase digital goods using any of the payment types supported by BlackBerry App World. Payment methods can include billing to the wireless service provider (if available), credit card, or PayPal. To purchase digital goods, users must have the BlackBerry App World storefront 3.1 or later installed on their BlackBerry devices.

To download the Payment Service SDK, visit

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