Send Menu API

You can use the Send Menu API to allow BlackBerry device users to send content from your application to a recipient by using a core application on the BlackBerry device. For example, you can create an application that allows users to send content using an email message, an SMS text message, a PIN message, or a social networking application such as Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones. You can allow users to send text from your application, or files from the file system on the device. The classes that make up the Send Menu API are included in the net.rim.blackberry.api.sendmenu package.

The Send Menu API allows your application to interact with other BlackBerry Device Software applications, such as the Messages application and social networking applications, and makes it easy for users to navigate between applications. By using the Send Menu API, you can create an application with a user experience that is consistent with other core applications on the device.

You can use the Send Menu API to add a Send menu item to the menu of your application. When a user clicks the Send menu item, a submenu appears with a list of applications that the user can use to send content from your application to a recipient. When the user clicks the name of an application in the Send submenu, that application opens with certain fields prepopulated with the content to send. For example, if the user chooses to send text from your application by using an email message, the Messages application opens and the body of a new email message is populated with the text. Only applications that are developed by Research In Motion can appear in the Send menu of your application.

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