CryptoSmartCardSession methods you implement to create a driver

Table 1. Methods that you must implement for any smart card driver.

CryptoSmartCardSession methods



Closes a cryptographic smart card session.


Retrieves the maximum number of login attempts.


Retrieves the remaining number of login attempts.


Retrieves the ID for the smart card.


Attempts to log in to the cryptographic session using a given password string.


Retrieves certificates from the smart card.

CryptoSmartCardSession.getRandomBytesImpl(int maxNumBytes)

Retrieves random data from the internal random number generator of the smart card.

Table 2. Additional methods that you must implement for smart card drivers that support retrieving fingerprint data from smart cards.

Method to implement


CryptoSmartCardSession.getFingerprintsImpl(int context)

Extend this method to provide support for extracting fingerprint sample data from a smart card. The data must be returned in a FingerprintBiometricData[]. The context parameter indicates why the fingerprints are being requested. In BlackBerry Java Development Environment 5.0, only FINGERPRINT_CONTEXT_AUTHENTICATION is used.

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