About data sets and data elements

The BlackBerry® Wallet organizes information using data sets and data elements. Data sets are collections of data. Data elements are the individual pieces of data within data sets. For example, the shipping address data set is made up of the user name, address, and phone number data elements.

Web developers must specify both the data sets and the data elements to use to populate the fields on a web form. The BlackBerry Wallet uses the data elements in the specified data set to populate the fields according to the data elements specified for the fields. The BlackBerry device user cannot use the BlackBerry Wallet to populate a field if a data set is not specified, even if the appropriate data element is specified for the field. The data sets and the data elements are specified using the input and select HTML elements, followed by the id HTML attribute.

The data elements in each data set are designed for use with existing web forms. For example, on a check-out page, if you use one field for the credit card holder's name, you can use one data element: the card holder full name data element. If you use two fields for the name, one field for the first name and one field for the last name, you can use two data elements: the card holder first name and the card holder last name data elements.

The BlackBerry Wallet attempts to match the options in a drop-down list on a web form with the options in a drop-down list for a BlackBerry Wallet data element. Due to variations in terminology, the match might not be accurate in all instances.

The BlackBerry Wallet does not validate any of the data elements within a data set. Web developers can add field validation when they create a web form.

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