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Change the roundness of a rounded rectangle object

  1. On the workspace, click a rounded rectangle object.
  2. In the Inspector, on the Rounded Rectangle tab, perform one of the following actions:
    • In the X and Y fields, type the radius length of the X-axis and Y-axis.
    • Click the arrow that is adjacent to the axis value and move the slide bar to adjust the value.
    The radius length of the X-axis or Y-axis radius length can only be displayed as a maximum of half the height or width of the shape. If you configure a value that exceeds half of the height or width, the BlackBerry® Composer processes the value as if it is half the height or width, but the BlackBerry Composer does not adjust the value (that you provided to reflect the actual radius length as displayed). The BlackBerry Composer stores the value that you provided and applies it if the shape is stretched so that the value is less than or equal to half the height or width.
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