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This interface represents the information that all accessible objects provide, such as the name, role, and state.


This interface provides a listener method that listens for events and changes to the various UI components. The listener handles the events based on the object's AccessibleRole determined from the context of the change. For example, when a BlackBerry® device user clicks a button, the event listener executes a method that is specifically assigned to objects with the PUSH_BUTTON role.

The AccessibilityManager.setAccessibleEventListener(AccessibleEventListener) method registers the listener with the BlackBerry device.


The AccessibleRole interface lists all possible roles for the UI components. Each role describes the function of an object. For example, the ICON role is for icons, the DATE role is for date fields, the PUSH_BUTTON role is for buttons, and so on. For a complete list of roles, see the AccessibleRole class in the API reference for the BlackBerry® Java® SDK.

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