Planning a BlackBerry MVS installation

There are three options for installing the BlackBerry Mobile Voice System:
  • A standalone installation on a physical computer or a virtual machine
  • A standalone installation on the computer that also hosts the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (this option is only for small businesses)
  • A high availability installation, which is made up of two standalone installations that are associated as a high availability pair through the MVS Console (this is the recommended option)

All planning information assumes that the BlackBerry MVS Server instances and the BlackBerry Enterprise Server instances are in the same BlackBerry Domain. That is, they all share the same BlackBerry Configuration Database.

A BlackBerry Configuration Database must be available before you install a BlackBerry MVS Server. This means that you must have at least one BlackBerry Enterprise Server installed before you can install the BlackBerry MVS because the BlackBerry Configuration Database is created during the installation of a BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Only one BlackBerry MVS Server can be installed on one Windows Server instance.

If you install the BlackBerry MVS Server in a virtual environment, the virtual instance should perform as well as a computer with two Intel Xeon 2.0 GHz processors with 4 GB of RAM and two drives that are configured as RAID 1 or better.

All BlackBerry MVS components are always installed; the installer does not provide an option for installing individual components. The BlackBerry MVS components are:
  • MVS BlackBerry Enterprise Server Connector
  • MVS Console
  • MVS Data Manager
  • MVS Session Manager (includes the MVS Event Manager)
  • MVS Witness Server

For more information about BlackBerry MVS architecture and components, see the BlackBerry MVS Feature and Technical Overview.

During the BlackBerry MVS Server installation process, you might need to consult the administrators of your organization's PBX, voice mail system, LAN, security network, or BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

If you install additional BlackBerry MVS Server instances in the same BlackBerry Domain, you must load the security information files that the BlackBerry MVS generates during the installation process.

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