SIP gateway process flow: Receiving a call on a BlackBerry device using Voice over Wi-Fi

  1. A BlackBerry Mobile Voice System user connects to an organization's Wi-Fi network and authenticates with the BlackBerry MVS.
  2. From a desk phone, another user within the organization dials the extension number of the BlackBerry MVS user.
  3. The PBX routes the call to the SIP gateway.
  4. The SIP gateway creates a call establishment request and sends the request to the MVS Session Manager over a UDP port.
  5. The MVS Session Manager filters the request through the allowed caller list, blocked caller list, and BlackBerry MVS user's schedule, and sends the request to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
  6. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server compresses, encrypts, and sends the request to the BlackBerry device over the Wi-Fi network.
  7. The device decrypts and decompresses the request and accepts the call.
  8. The BlackBerry MVS user answers the call and voice communication occurs over an RTP connection between the BlackBerry device and the SIP gateway.

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