Configure a communication password

The BlackBerry Enterprise Server encrypts data traffic between multiple BlackBerry Enterprise Server components using a communication password.

If your organization uses the default communication password, you do not need to configure a communication password between the BlackBerry MVS and the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

If the communication password is not the default password, use the communication password set for your organization's BlackBerry Enterprise Server. You must set the password when you configure the BlackBerry MVS. The administrator of your organization's BlackBerry Enterprise Server can provide you with the communication password.

  1. In the MVS Console, in the left pane, expand MVS Topology.
  2. Click Server view.
  3. Click the BlackBerry MVS Server that you want to change the communication password for.
  4. Select the Change the communication password that the BlackBerry MVS uses option beside the BlackBerry Enterprise Server that you want to change the password for.
  5. Type and confirm a password.
  6. Click Save.
  7. When prompted to change the communication password, click OK.

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