Settings for classes of service

You use the class of service fields to define permissions for groups of BlackBerry device users.



Class of Service Name

This field specifies the name of the class of service.

BlackBerry MVS Call Features

These options specify the user features and device features that are in the class of service.

Call Direction

These options permit you to configure the BlackBerry Mobile Voice System to use PBX-initiated calling or BlackBerry device–initiated calling.

BlackBerry MVS Only calling

This field allows you to restrict your organization's users so that they can use only the BlackBerry MVS line and not the phone number that is provided by the wireless service provider so that no calls bypass the voice recording solution.

After placing an Emergency Call, allow incoming calls to the Mobile line for a duration of (in minutes)

When you configure your organization’s users for MVS Only calling, you must also configure a length of time that inbound calls are permitted on the mobile line so that emergency services personnel can contact a user who makes an emergency call. You can permit inbound calls on the mobile line from 0 to 2880 minutes.

Wi-Fi Profile Control

These fields permit you to specify user access to Voice over Wi-Fi calling on pushed Wi-Fi profiles and Voice over Wi-Fi calling on user-defined Wi-Fi profiles.

Device Settings

These fields permit you to define the starting RTP port number that the device uses when making Voice over Wi-Fi calls, and to define the preferred order of codecs when making Voice over Wi-Fi calls.

User Edit Control

These fields specify the features that a user can change.

Scheduling Control

These fields specify the days of the week that a user can schedule.

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