Removing the BlackBerry MVS software

If you use Add/Remove Programs to remove the BlackBerry® Mobile Voice System software, a message appears to ask if you want to delete all BlackBerry MVS database tables.

  • If you click Yes, all BlackBerry MVS database tables are removed and the BlackBerry MVS removal process continues.
  • If you click No, the BlackBerry MVS database remains intact, and the BlackBerry MVS removal process continues. If the database remains intact, you can re-install the BlackBerry MVS software more easily in the future. If you have set a secure communication password between the BlackBerry MVS and the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, when you remove the MVS Console the password is deleted from the Windows® registry. If you re-install the BlackBerry MVS, you must log in to the MVS Console and reset the secure communication password.
  • If you click Cancel, the BlackBerry MVS removal process stops.

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