The BlackBerry® Mobile Voice System integrates your organization's PBX environment with the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server to extend desk phone features to BlackBerry devices. The BlackBerry MVS is designed to do the following:

  • Integrate with the phone application on BlackBerry devices so that users can make calls from and receive calls to your organization's work numbers
  • Extend commonly used PBX features that are available from users' desk phones to their BlackBerry devices
  • Provide simplified access to your organization’s voice mail system
  • Provide Voice over Wi-Fi® access to desk phone features for users of Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerry devices
  • Extend the security features of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server to authenticate BlackBerry device users to the BlackBerry MVS and your organization's PBX environment
  • Permit you to manage the BlackBerry MVS from a single web administration console
  • Incorporate the use of templates and classes of service to manage users' access to their work numbers and phone features
  • Permit you to configure the BlackBerry MVS to support high availability to help enhance the consistency and reliability of your organization's BlackBerry MVS implementation
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