Planning your organization's Wi-Fi infrastructure

If your organization plans to use Wi-Fi® enabled BlackBerry® devices for making and taking BlackBerry® Mobile Voice System calls, you must make sure that your Wi-Fi infrastructure can support Voice over Wi-Fi calls. During the planning process, you should collaborate with your organization's Wi-Fi infrastructure vendor to make sure that the Wi-Fi infrastructure is designed and configured to support Voice over Wi-Fi calls.

To make sure that your organization's Wi-Fi infrastructure can support Voice over Wi-Fi calls, you should use BlackBerry devices to perform an in-depth site survey. For more information, visit to read article KB13299. The results of the survey should help you to perform the following tasks:

  • Design and configure a Wi-Fi controller-based architecture
  • Identify the type of authentication and level of encryption that your organization requires
  • Configure a QoS implementation
  • Determine the expected Wi-Fi coverage and capacity boundaries of the access points
  • Determine the capacity of your organization's Wi-Fi infrastructure. Make sure that you account for the expected usage for both BlackBerry MVS users and individuals who use Wi-Fi technology on their laptop computers.
  • Create documentation for your organization's users to help them configure their devices to connect to Wi-Fi networks and make Voice over Wi-Fi calls
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