Join or create a BBM channel

View, share, or comment on posts from people, brands, and services in BBM. You can discover featured channels, search for specific channels or subjects, be invited to channels, or create your own channel.

When you create a public channel or private channel, you can share your perspective with the BBM community in posts, comments, and chats. You can update your channel profile picture, name, and status to let people know what's happening, specify chat hours, or restrict comments.

Tip: You can preview channels that you're thinking about joining.
  1. Tap The More tabs icon > The Channels icon.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • To search for a channel, tap The Search icon. Tap a channel. Tap The Join Channels icon.
    • To create a channel, tap The More actions icon > The Create Channel icon.
      Note: If you make your channel private, you can't make it public later. Channels that you create are associated with your BlackBerry ID and can't be transferred to another BlackBerry ID.
After you finish:

To see all of your channels, tap The My Channels icon.

To access your channel on a computer, visit and sign in using your BlackBerry ID.

Invite people to a channel

When you invite people to a channel, the invitation is sent in a BBM chat.
  1. In a public channel, or in a private channel that you created, tap The More actions icon > The Invite icon .
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Search for a contact in your address book by typing in the Search contacts field.
    • Tap a BBM contact.

Comment on a channel post

  1. In a BBM channel or on the Updates screen, tap a post.
  2. Do any of the following:
    • To like the post, tap The Like Post icon.
    • To add a comment, type in the comment field.
  3. To reply to a comment, tap the specific comment. TapThe Reply icon.
After you finish:
Tip: On the Updates screen, just tap a channel picture to see the full image.

View your BBM channel notifications

You can view all of your notifications for the channels that you joined or created. For example, you can see when people reply to your comment or like your post.

Tap The More tabs icon > The Channels icon > The Channel Notifications icon.
Tip: To mark a channel as a favorite so that you don't miss new posts, touch and hold a channel. Tap The Favorite icon.

Chat with the channel owner

In the channel's profile, you can see when the channel owner is available to chat.

  1. In a BBM channel, tap The Open Chat icon.
  2. Type your message or select an emoticon.
  3. Press the Send key.
After you finish: When you end the chat, the channel owner can no longer reply to your message.

Report content

You can report a comment or a post to the BBM channel owner if you think that the content is inappropriate. The channel owner might decide to delete the content.

  1. Touch and hold a post or comment.
  2. Tap The Report icon.
After you finish: To remove your complaint, repeat steps 1 and 2.

Leave or delete a channel

If you delete a BBM channel that you created, you can't restore the channel or its data.

  1. Tap The More tabs icon > The Channels icon.
  2. Touch and hold a channel.
  3. Tap The Leave Channel icon or The Delete Channel icon.

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