Start a BBM Voice call

You can share files, check your BBM chats, and open other applications during a BBM Voice call.

In a BBM chat, tap The BBM Voice call icon.
After you finish:

To end your call, tap The End icon.

Accept or decline a BBM Voice call

When you receive a BBM Voice call, the call screen appears.

Tap The Answer icon or The Decline icon.

Return to your BBM Voice call

During a BBM Voice call, when you minimize BBM, your call continues in the background.

To return to your call, on the main screen of your device, tap the red banner.

Stop using BBM Voice over mobile networks

When you change your BBM options to prevent calls over mobile networks, you can still use BBM Voice over a Wi-Fi network.
  1. Tap The More actions icon > The Settings icon.
  2. Set the Allow BBM Calls Over Mobile Networks switch to Off.

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