Application icons

Icon Description
The BlackBerry Hub icon

BlackBerry Hub

Access all of the messages and notifications that you receive from your different accounts from one convenient location.

The Contacts icon


Access the contacts from all of your accounts, as well as their updates and your shared activities, in a single app.

The Browser icon


View webpages more easily using the reader mode, and share webpages quickly with your contacts.

The Calendar icon


View all your events in one place, including events you added from your email accounts and social networking accounts. You can filter events according to your account.

The BBM icon


Type, talk, or post. You decide the best way to communicate with your BBM contacts in real-time.

The Text Messages icon

Text Messages

Send and receive text messages and text messages with an attachment, if provided as part of your wireless service plan.

The BlackBerry World icon BlackBerry World

Download, buy, rate, and review apps, games, music, and videos.

The BlackBerry Remember icon


A productivity app for collecting and categorizing the information you want to remember.

The Docs To Go icon

Docs To Go

Create, edit, and format Microsoft Word documents and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Edit, view, and present Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

The Pictures icon


View, edit, and share pictures that you take with the camera or that are saved on your device.

The Music icon


Share your music quickly and easily with your contacts. Play your music on home entertainment equipment over the wireless network.

The Videos icon


View, edit, and share videos that you take with the camera or that are saved on your device. Play your videos on home entertainment equipment over the wireless network.

The BlackBerry Story Maker icon

Story Maker

Create and share a movie that you make using pictures, videos, and music on your device.

The Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones icon


View your Facebook notifications, upload photos and videos, and check in to Places.

The Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones icon


Follow the stories, ideas, and opinions that interest you by sending and receiving short messages known as tweets.
The LinkedIn icon


Build and connect with your professional network and get access to ideas and opportunities for your career.
The Maps icon


Search for places, get turn-by-turn directions, and save favorite places.

The Games icon


Find games to download and play. Add your friends so that you can view their games or challenge them to a game.
The YouTube icon


Share your videos with friends, family, and the world.
The Voice Control icon

Voice Control

Speak your commands to make a call, send messages, search the Internet, and more.
The Clock icon


Track the time using a world clock, stopwatch, timer, and alarm clock.

The Calculator icon


Perform calculations using a standard and scientific calculator, tip calculator, and unit converter.

The Compass icon


Navigate using the compass, or let the compass connect to GPS satellites to find your location.

The File Manager icon

File Manager

View, save, and share files that are stored on your device, on a media card, or on devices or networks that your device is connected to.
The Smart Tags icon

Smart Tags

Store and create tags that contain info such as text, phone numbers, and links that you can share with others.
The Settings icon


Change the settings for network connections, accounts, display, language, and more.
The Adobe Reader icon

Adobe Reader

View PDF files on your device and share them with others over email, BBM, and more.
The Phone icon


Place conference calls, check voicemail, or move a call to BBM Video.
The Camera icon


Includes front and rear cameras, and a Time Shift mode to help you capture the perfect picture.
The Setup icon


Set up your accounts, personalize your device, and watch tutorials about using BlackBerry 10 OS.
The Help icon


Find out how to do things quickly on your device, read FAQs, and learn tips that can help increase your productivity.