Add an entry to the Remember app

When you add an entry to BlackBerry Remember, you can choose between a note or task. Tasks include a completion checkbox and the option to add a due date or reminder.

If you add an entry to a folder that's synced with one of your accounts, you might not be able to choose whether the entry is a note or task.

  1. In a folder or on the Remember folder screen, tap The New entry icon.
  2. Tap Note or Task.
  3. Enter the information for the entry, such as a title, notes, and a due date.
  4. Tap Save.
Tip: To quickly create a list (for example, a grocery list in your "Groceries" folder), tap a folder. In the Add an entry or search field at the top of the screen, type an entry title. Tap Submit on the keyboard. Add more entries until your list is complete.

Add a due date and reminder time to an entry

When you add a due date to an entry in BlackBerry Remember, your BlackBerry device adds the entry to the Calendar app. To receive a reminder, you must add a specific reminder time to your entry.

  1. While you're adding or changing an entry, tap Task.
    • To add a due date, set the Due Date option to On. Tap Date. Select a date.
    • To add a reminder time, set the Reminder option to On. Tap Date. Select a reminder date and time.
  2. Tap Save.

Add tags to an entry

Tags help you to categorize your entries. For example, you can add the tag "recipe" to any entries containing recipes, and then filter your entries by that tag.

  1. In the Remember app, tap an entry.
  2. Tap The more actions icon > The Tags icon.

Format the text in an entry

Depending on the account that your entry is associated wtih, you might be able to apply formatting to italicize, bold, or underline text, create lists, or change the text size and color.

  1. In the Remember app, tap an entry.
  2. In the Additional notes field, tap The Format icon.