Creating and editing stories

Create a story using BlackBerry Story Maker

  1. Tap Create New Story.
  2. Tap The date icon or The library icon.
  3. Tap the pictures and videos that you want to include in your story. Tap Next.
  4. Select the song for your story's soundtrack. Tap Next.
  5. Type in the titles and credits that you want to appear in your story. Tap Done.
  6. If necessary, tap a theme.
  7. When you're finished, to save the story, tap The Save icon.
Tip: If you entered an album to select pictures and videos, you can tap The Back icon to go back and add pictures and videos from another album.

Edit a story made with BlackBerry Story Maker

You can edit and revise stories that you make with BlackBerry Story Maker.
  1. Tap an existing story.
    • To change the theme, tap a theme on the right side of the screen.
    • To change the order of the pictures and videos or to edit them, tap The tweak icon.
    • To add or remove pictures and videos, tap The more actions icon > The change media icon.
    • To change the song, tap The more actions icon > The change music icon.
    • To change the titles and credits, tap The more actions icon > The change titles icon.
  2. When you're finished, tap The save icon.
Tip: To see more themes that might be available off-screen, try swiping up or down on the visible themes.