Overview of device settings

Item Description

The Airplane Mode icon

Airplane Mode

Turn off all wireless connections.

The Connections icon

Networks and Connections

  • Get quick access to airplane mode to turn off all your connections.
  • Depending on your wireless service plan and device model, set up connections to the mobile network, Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth enabled devices, NFC, mobile hotspot, and set up Internet tethering.

The Notifications icon


  • Mute BlackBerry Keyboard sounds.
  • Turn on vibrate mode.
  • Turn off Instant Previews and LED notifications.
  • Customize audio and visual notifications for specific apps.

The Main Volume icon

Main Volume

  • Adjust the overall volume on your device.
  • Assign the volume keys.
  • Turn on audio boost for use with your headphones.

The Accounts icon


  • Add or change social networking and email accounts.
  • You can also access advanced setup options such as IMAP and POP.

The Quick Settings icon

Quick Settings

  • Access settings you use frequently.
  • Access these settings at any time by sliding your finger down from the top of the screen.

The Display icon


  • Select wallpaper.
  • Change your font.
  • Adjust screen brightness.
  • Customize screen locking.

The Language and Input icon

Language and Input

  • Turn on or turn off text prediction, word substitution, and spell check.
  • Change the language, region settings, and measurement system.

The Voice Control icon

Voice Control

Turn on voice dictation and set voice recognition and feedback preferences.

The BlackBerry Balance icon

BlackBerry Balance (if available)

Create or change a work space password. Delete only your work space and data from your device and leave your personal data intact.

The BlackBerry Link icon

BlackBerry Link

Set up remote access to a computer for sharing documents and synchronizing media.

The BlackBerry ID icon

BlackBerry ID

  • View your current BlackBerry ID information.
  • Sign in to your BlackBerry ID account.
  • Change your BlackBerry ID password.

The BlackBerry Protect icon

BlackBerry Protect (if available)

Turn on BlackBerry Protect to help secure and locate your device if it's lost or stolen.

The Security and Privacy icon

Security and Privacy

  • Create a device password.
  • Encrypt your device data.
  • Delete your device data.
  • Change permissions for downloaded apps.
  • Manage certificates.
  • Create a micro SIM card PIN.

The App Manager icon

App Manager

  • Change the default app used to open a specific file type.
  • Monitor apps that are using your device's memory.

The Media Sharing icon

Media Sharing (if available)

Connect to a device to wirelessly share media content.

The Date and Time icon

Date and Time

Change the time zone, time, and date.

The Software Updates icon

Software Updates

  • View the current software version running on your device.
  • Check for software updates.

The Search icon


  • Clear search history.
  • Remove or prioritize apps that are searched.
  • Extend device search to include an Internet search.

The Storage and Access icon

Storage and Access

View available storage space and set up access to the files stored on your device, including USB connections, network identification, file sharing, Wi-Fi sharing, and password protection for sharing files.

The Location Services icon

Location Services

  • Choose whether apps can use your location data.
  • Clear recent searches that you entered in the Maps application.

The Payment Options icon

Payment Options

Add payment accounts and set preferred payment methods.

The Accessibility icon


Change magnification, hearing aid, and TTY settings.

The About icon


  • Find general information about your device, such as hardware information, network details, and storage space capacity.
  • Identify your device PIN, software version, and model name.
  • View your phone number and the name of your wireless service provider.
  • View or change the name for your device that appears if another device detects it over a Bluetooth or network connection.