Troubleshooting: Work space and BlackBerry Balance

My device is quarantined

Your BlackBerry device might be quarantined if you add a work account that is associated with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server and the micro SIM card in your device doesn't have services activated correctly. Your device might also be quarantined if the BlackBerry Enterprise Server detects the security of your device has been compromised.

If your device is quarantined, you are notified by your administrator that your device can't access your work space until you resolve the issue. Your administrator might delete the data on your device, prevent access to unlock your device, or remove your device from your organization's network.

To leave quarantine, try using a different micro SIM card or changing your service plan. If the security of your device has been compromised, you might need to wipe your device to delete all the data. For further assistance, contact your administrator.