New in this release

Introducing BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2.1

This software update introduces great new features to help you be more productive, and more in control. Discover more ways to prioritize your communications, read web content offline, customize menus, download Android apps, and monitor the battery power level so you can be more productive for longer.

The BlackBerry Hub icon BlackBerry Hub

The BlackBerry Hub now features customizable notifications, the ability to filter the message list using a pinch gesture, and the ability to compose messages in plain text or rich text.

The keyboard icon BlackBerry Keyboard

A floating action bar above the keyboard helps you easily complete or cancel common actions.

The Music icon Music

An FM Radio in the Music app lets you listen to radio stations on your BlackBerry device. You can scan for stations, mark stations as favorites, and listen to the radio using a wired headset or the speakerphone.

The Calendar icon Calendar

You can view a specific date in the calendar by tapping the top of the screen and selecting a date. You can use existing calendar information to create follow-up meetings, and with the Cisco WebEx Meetings app installed, you can schedule WebEx meetings.

The Contacts icon Contacts

When you save a contact, you can select the account that you want to save it to, and you can move contacts between accounts. You can create groups within your contacts so that you can easily send messages to everyone in the group, set up meetings, and share files. For each of your contacts, you can set unique notifications for phone calls and different types of messages, including BBM, email, text, and other social feeds.

The Phone icon Phone

You can answer a call on your device by touching and holding the circle at the bottom of the screen and sliding your finger to the left. Slide your finger to the right to decline a call. You can assign speed dial keys to your contacts and call them directly from the home screen, and you can make calls by typing the contact's name.

The Browser icon BlackBerry Browser

Save a webpage to your device so that you can read it at a later time, whether you are connected to a network or not. You can also go to your favorite Android app website and download apps to your device. If you use BlackBerry Balance, apps are downloaded to your personal space and can’t access the data in your work space. Download apps that you trust. Your device doesn’t check the integrity of the APK files that you download.

The Settings icon Settings

You can set up your device to use a picture password instead of a traditional password. You can specify which options appear in the Quick Settings menu that appears when you swipe down from the top of the home screen. You can also specify the order of these options, and switch between your personal space and work space from the Quick Settings menu.

From the Device Monitor screen, you can view how much storage space and battery power each of your apps is using. You can see information about CPU, memory, and mobile network or Wi-Fi network usage.

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