Transfer data to a new device using a computer and BlackBerry Link

If your current BlackBerry device is running BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 or later, you can use BlackBerry Link to transfer supported data and settings such as device settings, phone history, media files, browser bookmarks, and so on to your new BlackBerry 10 device. This feature is designed to move personal data but not work data.
  1. On your computer, download and install BlackBerry Link from
  2. Open BlackBerry Link.
  3. Connect your current BlackBerry device to your computer using a USB cable.
  4. Complete the instructions on the screen.
  5. When prompted, connect your new BlackBerry 10 device using a USB cable.
  6. Complete the instructions on the screen.
Note: Email accounts and unsupported applications aren't transferred to your new device. You can set up your email accounts on your new device in the BlackBerry Hub. To download applications that weren't transferred to your new device, visit the BlackBerry World storefront.