Camera app at a glance

This image shows the Camera app and some of the available controls. An arrow pointing downwards illustrates that to change settings, you need to swipe down on the screen. A rectangle icon in the center of the screen represents the focus box, which can be dragged around to focus on a subject. Once the camera has focused, you can tap anywhere on the screen to take a picture. A photo thumbnail is located on the lower-left of the bottom of the screen and when tapped, takes you back to the previous picture. The icons users tap to switch between Time Shift mode, video camera, and camera, are located at the bottom of the screen. Two arrows pointing in opposite directions illustrate that you need to slide two fingers together and apart to zoom out and zoom in. Additional options are available in the action menu, which is accessible by tapping the More Actions icon located in the lower-right of the bottom of the screen. Options include shooting modes, switching between front and rear cameras, and more.