Working with files stored in the cloud

Retrieve files saved to the cloud

If you are logged in to a cloud application on your BlackBerry device, you can use File Manager to access files that you have stored in the cloud. To retrieve a file you have saved to the cloud:

  1. Tap Device.
  2. Tap a cloud application.

Save a file to your device

When you pin a file it is saved to your BlackBerry device, so you can view the file even when you're not connected to a mobile or wireless network. If a file is not pinned, it is not available when you're offline. To pin or unpin a file to your device:

Touch and hold a file that is stored in a cloud application.
  • To pin a file, tap Pin.
  • To unpin a file, tap Unpin.

Synchronize a file with the cloud

If you have edited a pinned file while offline, you can use the Sync Now option when you reconnect to a wireless network to ensure that the file is synchronized with the cloud before other files are synchronized. To force the synchronization of a file:

  1. Touch and hold a file.
  2. Tap The Sync Now icon. If this option isn't available to you in the menu, your file is synchronized with the cloud.
Tip: To stop synchronizing, tap The more icon > Pause Sync. To start synchronizing again, tap The more icon > Resume Sync.

Create a link for a file

Instead of sending a file as an attachment, you can create a link to the file to share it.
  1. Touch and hold a file.
  2. Tap Share Link.
  3. If you receive a prompt to select the access level, tap Access to limit who can open the link. Tap Share Link.
  4. Tap a location or message type for sharing.

Change cloud application settings

You can change your settings for items like the back up options and network usage for your cloud applications. When you enable back up options, changes to files in the selected applications are automatically updated and stored in the cloud. To change your settings:

  1. Tap More.
  2. Tap Settings.
Tapping Settings launches the cloud application.