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New in this release

What's different about BlackBerry 10?

How do I get back to the home screen?

How do I get to the menu?

How do I change my settings and options?

Where is my email or other messages?

Where are the phone keys and my notification profiles?

Where are my apps?

How do I edit or move text?

Where are my tasks, memos, and voice notes?

Where do I find my files?

Where can I find my device info and passwords?

How do I search?

What is BlackBerry Link?

Tips after switching devices

Can I sign out of BlackBerry ID and sign in with a different BlackBerry ID?

Why do I need to re-enter my BlackBerry ID password?

What is the difference between my BlackBerry ID username and screen name?

How do I reset my lost or forgotten BlackBerry ID password?

How can I extend battery life?

Where can I get a new or spare battery?

How do I free up storage space?

Does my device have BlackBerry Balance?

How do I set up BlackBerry Balance?

What content is in my work space and my personal space?

Can I use personal apps on my work's network?

Where is my picture that I just took?

What happens to my device data if I leave my organization?

How do I reset my device password if I forget it?

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