Before you switch devices

For information about how to switch to a BlackBerry device from an older BlackBerry device or a third-party device, visit

Learn what transfer options are available to you

The types of data transferred depends on the transfer method you use and the type of smartphone you're transferring data from. Data transferred might include some settings, phone history, pictures, music, browser bookmarks, and so on. For a list of the type of data that is transferred, visit

  • Switching from BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 or later? On a computer, you can use BlackBerry Link to switch devices.
  • Switching from BlackBerry 7.0 or BlackBerry 7.1? You can use a media card on your device to switch devices.
  • Switching from a BlackBerry device that has BlackBerry Protect installed? You can use BlackBerry Protect to transfer supported data, such as contacts, from your current device's backup file to your new device.
  • Switching from an iPhone or Android device? You can download the device switch app from BlackBerry World.
Tip: If you're switching from a BlackBerry device, to see what version of software you're currently running, on the home screen of your old device, do one of the following:
  • Click Options > About.
  • Click Options > Device > About Device Versions.

Make note of your usernames and passwords

Before you switch BlackBerry devices, make sure that you have the following:

  • If you have saved usernames and passwords in Password Keeper, consider temporarily writing this information down so that you have it when you're ready to add accounts to your new device.
  • If you have a device running BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 or later, you might have created a BlackBerry ID that you used to log in to your device and the BlackBerry World storefront. If you log in to your BlackBerry 10 device with your BlackBerry ID, you might be able to reinstall apps that you downloaded previously from BlackBerry App World and access BlackBerry products that use your BlackBerry ID, such as BBM and BlackBerry Protect.
Note: BlackBerry App World is called BlackBerry World on BlackBerry 10 devices.

Update BBM

Although it's not required to switch BlackBerry devices, you should update to the latest available version of BBM and associate BBM with your BlackBerry ID before you switch devices.

  1. To see which version of BBM you're running on your old device, look for BlackBerry Messenger in your list of installed applications.
  2. To download BBM 7.0 or later on your old device, visit the BlackBerry World storefront or
If you can't update your version of BBM, in BBM, press the The Menu icon key > Options > Back Up. Select a backup option.

What if I have contacts on my SIM card?

Your BlackBerry 10 device uses a micro SIM card. To get a micro SIM card for your device, contact your service provider.

If you saved contacts to your old SIM card, to make sure that those contacts aren't lost, you might need to copy those contacts to your old device before you back up your device data.

Tip: To copy contacts from your SIM card to your old device's built-in media storage, in your contact list on your old device, press the Menu key > Micro SIM Phone Book. Press the Menu key > Copy All To Contacts.