Troubleshooting: Device Switch

I can't switch my SIM card to my new BlackBerry 10 device

The BlackBerry 10 device uses a micro SIM card. To get a micro SIM card for your new device, contact your service provider.

Some of the data from my previous device isn't on my new device

The type of device you transferred data from and the version of device software on your previous device determines what data can be transferred to your new device. For a list of the type of data that is transferred, visit

Try any of the following:
  • Check that your personal email accounts have been set up. Email accounts aren't transferred and need to be set up in the BlackBerry Hub on the device.
  • Check that your work email accounts have been set up. For a Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync email account on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, contact your administrator for the information required to activate the account.
  • Look for memos and tasks in the BlackBerry Remember app.
  • Transfer apps by downloading them from the BlackBerry World storefront.

I can't transfer items using my media card

Try any of the following:

  • Back up items from your media card to another source, such as your BlackBerry device built-in media storage or your desktop computer. Format your media card or purchase a new media card. Save the items that you backed up to the media card and then try transferring the items again.
  • Use BlackBerry Link to transfer your info from one device to another. To download BlackBerry Link, on your computer, visit and select the Windows or Mac option.

Troubleshooting wizard: I'm having trouble switching to my BlackBerry 10 device

The troubleshooting wizard guides you through a series of questions and tasks that are intended to help you solve your device switch issue.

Start the troubleshooting wizard

Note: This troubleshooting wizard is available in English only.