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About Group Connect calls and Talkgroup calls

If you want to communicate with multiple Direct Connect® contacts, you can make a group call using Group Connect® or by making a TalkgroupSM call. A Group Connect call includes up to 20 Direct Connect contacts that you specify in a Group Connect call list that you create. Your wireless service provider must support Group Connect calls. A Talkgroup call is a group call between members of a group that your wireless service provider creates and that you join. To make or receive a Talkgroup call, your wireless service provider must support Talkgroup calls, and you must be a member of the Talkgroup. You must join the Talkgroup before you can speak to the group. You can only join one Talkgroup at a time.

All members of the group call can speak or listen during the call, but only one member can speak at a time.


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