Navigating BBM

When you open BBM, all of your existing chats, including group chats, are displayed.

You can interact with many areas of BBM. For example, you can tap a contact to open a BBM chat. You can tap the contact again to open the contact's BBM profile. To access additional features, you can use the menus.

Essential gestures:
  • To view an item, simply tap it.
  • To view actions for a specific item, such as a file or picture, touch and hold the item. On the menu that opens, to see the description for the actions, slide your finger from right to left.
  • To view general actions for the current screen, tap The More actions icon.
  • To access different sections of BBM, including the Invites and Updates screens, tap The More tabs icon.

Tutorial: Navigating BBM

This tutorial provides you with the opportunity to see and then practice navigating BBM.
Note: This tutorial is available in English only.

Start the tutorial

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