Add a BBM contact

You can add contacts to BBM by scanning a BBM barcode, typing someone's contact information, or selecting an existing contact on your device.

People who don't have BBM can download it from your invitation.

  1. Tap The More actions icon > The Invite to BBM icon.
  2. Select the type of invitation you want to send.
  3. Complete the instructions on the screen.
After you finish:

To view your contacts or pending BBM invitations, tap The More tabs icon > The Contacts icon or The Invites icon.

Show your BBM PIN or barcode

A PIN is a unique identifier in BBM. People can invite you to become a BBM contact if they know your PIN or if you show them your BBM barcode.
  1. At the top of the screen, tap your picture or name.
  2. Tap The Show Barcode icon.
  3. To copy or share your BBM PIN, tap The Copy Pin icon or The Share PIN icon.
After you finish:
Tip: In BBM, you can type mypin and press the Space key to see your PIN.

Organize your contacts

If you have many BBM contacts, you can organize them into categories. For example, you can create categories for work, family, and sports.

  1. Tap The More tabs icon > The Contacts icon.
  2. Touch and hold a name.
  3. Tap The Move Contact icon.
  4. Tap a category, or tap The Add Category icon to create a category.
After you finish: If you want to delete a category, move the contacts out of it first. Then, touch and hold the category name and tap The Delete Category icon.

Delete or block a contact

If you delete a BBM contact, you are removed from that person's contact list in BBM.

  1. Tap The More tabs icon > The Contacts icon.
  2. Touch and hold a name.
  3. Tap The Delete icon.
  4. To prevent the person from sending you invitations in BBM, tap Delete and Ignore.

Tutorial: Adding a BBM contact

This tutorial provides you with the opportunity to see and then practice adding a BBM contact.
Note: This tutorial is available in English only.

Start the tutorial

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