Add a post to your BBM channel

Before you begin: You can change the channel's status to provide updates that you don't want to add as posts.

Posts can be 400 characters long and can include pictures. As the channel owner, you can see how many people have read, liked, or commented on your posts.

  1. In a channel that you created, tap The Add Post icon.
  2. Type a post title and message.
  3. Do any of the following:
    • Add a picture or an animated GIF.
      Tip: If adding a GIF, check the picture's properties as only pictures 2 MB (4000 pixels) or smaller can animate.
    • Add emoticons.
  4. Tap Post.


You can share posts from other channels in your BBM channel, but you can't edit the posts.

  1. In a public channel, touch and hold a post.
  2. Tap The Repost icon.
  3. Select a channel to add the post to.

Delete a post or comment

As the BBM channel owner, you can either delete a comment or a post and all of its comments. If subscribers report a comment in your channel as inappropriate, for example, you might delete the comment or ignore the complaint.

  1. Touch and hold a post or comment.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • To delete the comment or post, tap The Delete icon.
    • To ignore the complaint, tap The Ignore Complaint icon.
After you finish:
Tip: You can edit your channel to turn off commenting or show only comments that you approve.

Edit your channel

Your channel posts and channel profile can help influence whether or not people join your channel. From the channel settings, you can turn on or turn off BBM chats and specify chat hours.

  1. Open a channel that you created.
  2. Do any of the following:
    • To change your channel profile or details, at the top of the screen, tap the channel picture or name.
    • To change your channel settings, tap The More actions icon > The Channel Settings icon.
After you finish:
Tip: After chats are turned off for the day, you can finish your conversation in any chats that are still open.

View subscribers and statistics

You can view data on how people discovered your BBM channel and what posts are the most active. People can see your posts when they preview your channel, but they must join your channel if they want to like or comment on your posts.

  1. In a channel that you created, tap Stats.
  2. To view your current subscribers, tap Subscribers.

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