About BBM

With BBM, you can chat and share in real-time with your BBM contacts. Your BBM profile is made up of a unique PIN, a status message, and a picture. You control your contact list and decide who can add you as a BBM contact. During a chat, you can see when someone has read your message or is typing a reply, and share pictures and other files.

Besides messaging directly with your contacts, you can also participate in social communities, such as BBM Channels and BBM Groups. Join channels from people, brands, and services to see their posts, or create your own channel. Share calendar events and track to-do lists in a group without needing to add all members as BBM contacts.

You can use BBM over a Wi-Fi connection, such as while you're travelling, to avoid extra data charges.

Tip: You can view this Help content on your device in BBM by tapping The More actions icon > The Help icon.

What's new in BBM

The new features for BBM include the following:

BBM Channels
  • Join a channel to view, like, or comment on posts from people, brands, and services. You might also be able to start a BBM chat directly with the channel owner.
  • Discover channels by browsing, by searching, or by invitation. You can preview channels that you're thinking about joining.
  • Create public channels or private channels, add posts of up to 400 characters long, and attach pictures such as animated GIFs and BBM emoticons. As a channel owner, you can specify chat hours and restrict or delete comments.

To manage your channel online or to approve individual comments before they're added to your channel, visit www.bbm.com/channels.

BBM Voice calls
  • Start BBM Voice calls with your BBM contacts.
  • Share files, check your BBM chats, and open other applications during a BBM Voice call.
  • Switch to the speakerphone or use an accessory, such as a headset, to talk hands-free.
  • Choose from over 100 new emoticons.
  • Send a Glympse to your BBM contacts to share your location on a map for a short period of time. You can edit the duration after you send it.
  • Add a link to a Dropbox file, and save files that you receive to Dropbox.
  • Send a voice note, Glympse, or Dropbox link in multiperson chats.
  • Capture and send voice notes and pictures by using fewer taps.
  • Suggest BBM contacts to other people.
BBM Updates
  • View updates from contacts, channels, and groups by tapping The Updates icon.
    Tip: To view your contact list, tap The More tabs icon.
  • Chat about a contact's profile update by tapping the person's name. A BBM chat opens with a copy of the status or picture.
  • Tap a picture to expand or collapse the thumbnail.
  • Invite more people to BBM Groups now that the limit is increased from 30 to 50 members.
  • Share your BBM PIN with apps or services, from the menu or your profile.

BBM icons


The Unread icon

Unread message in a chat

The Ping icon

Ping message

Contact wants your attention

The File icon

File has been sent or received

The Broadcast icon

Unread broadcast message

The Draft icon

Draft message

The Sent icon

Message has been sent

The Delivered icon

Message has been delivered

The Read icon

Message has been read

The Pending icon

Message hasn't been sent yet

Tip: Verify that your device is connected to a wireless network.

The Failed icon

Message couldn't be sent

Tip: Touch and hold the message, and tap The Resend icon to resend it.

The Voice Chat icon

Contact can participate in BBM Voice calls

The Busy icon

Busy status icon

BBM Channels

The Reported icon

Content has been reported as inappropriate

The Official Channel icon

Verified channel

The Local Channel icon

Local channel

The Private Channel icon

Private channel

Only the channel owner can invite people to this channel.

The Favorite Channel icon

Favorite channel

The Owner icon

You are the channel owner

BBM Groups

The Admin icon

This member is an administrator for the group

The Invite icon

Add this member as a BBM contact

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