Sync icons

Icons help you identify the sync relationship that exists between the music, picture, video, and document files on your BlackBerry device and the files on your computer.

Sync icons can appear beside folders or collections of files. If you sync a folder on your device with your computer, all the files within the folder have the same sync relationship as the parent folder.

Icon Description
Sync This icon indicates that the file or folder on your device is synced between your device and your computer. Changes to the file or folder automatically sync between your device and your computer.

If you click this icon, you turn off sync for the file or folder.

No sync icon When a sync icon is not displayed, there is no sync relationship between your device and your computer for the file or folder. This file or folder only exists on your device.

To see all your existing sync relationships, at the side of the BlackBerry Link window, click your device. Click Synced Media.

Tip: To cancel all sync relationships that exist between the files on your device and your computer, click your device. Click Home > Reset Sync Relationships.

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