Presenting slideshows

Present a slideshow

Before you begin: To present a slideshow, connect your BlackBerry device to an external source using an HDMI cable.
  1. Tap Present.
  2. Tap Play.
  3. Tap Present.
  4. To view the presenter notes, tap The More icon > The Notes icon.
  5. To move to the next slide, swipe your finger to the left.
After you finish:

To stop presenting a slideshow, tap The Back icon.

Present a slideshow wirelessly using Play on

You can wirelessly present a slideshow on a computer, TV, or other home entertainment equipment that supports Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast technology.

  1. Tap Present.
  2. Tap Play.
  3. Tap Present.
  4. Select a device to present your slideshow on.

Review a presentation in rehearsal or preview mode

With rehearsal and preview modes, you can practice your presentation while viewing your slideshow the way it will appear to your audience. In rehearsal mode, a timer appears on the screen so you can time yourself. You can also pause your presentation.

  1. Tap Present.
  2. Tap Play.
  3. Tap Rehearse or Preview.
  4. Do any of the following:
    • Slide your finger to the left or to the right to move between slides.
    • In rehearsal mode, tap The Pause icon to stop the timer. To start the timer again, tap The Play icon.

Zoom in or out on a slide

During a presentation, you can focus in on an area of a slide by using the zoom feature. The zoom action is reflected on the presentation screen for your audience to see.

  • To zoom in to an area of a slide while presenting, slide your fingers apart.
  • To move to another area of a slide and maintain the slide zoom, slide your finger to the area of the screen you want your audience to see.
  • To zoom out of an area, slide your fingers together.

Use the virtual laser pointer

The virtual laser pointer allows you to use your finger as the laser pointer. Use it to highlight key areas on your slide that you want your audience to focus on.

  1. Touch and hold the area of your screen you want to point to.
  2. When the device vibrates, move the laser pointer around to focus on other areas of your slide.
  3. To remove the laser pointer, remove your finger from your screen.

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