Viewing your pictures

Zoom in to or out from a picture

With a picture open on the screen, do one of the following:
  • Double tap where you want to zoom in.
  • Slide your fingers together or apart to zoom in or out manually.

Pan a picture

  1. Zoom in to a picture.
  2. Drag your finger around the screen.

Play or view your media file on a DLNA Certified device

Your DLNA Certified device must be a Digital Media Renderer.
You can wirelessly play or view media files saved on your BlackBerry device on supported DLNA Certified devices, such as computers, TVs, or other home entertainment equipment. Pictures and videos can also be viewed on supported HDMI displays.
To find out if the device that you're trying to play or view a media file on is DLNA Certified, or for more information about DLNA Certified devices, visit
  1. Open a media file.
  2. Tap The more actions icon.
  3. Tap The Play on icon.
  4. Select a device to play or view the media file on.

To play or view other media files while still connected to the DLNA Certified device, tap The back icon and select a media file.

To stop playing or viewing the media file on the DLNA Certified device, tap The Eject icon.

Switch between your personal and work spaces

When BlackBerry Balance technology is set up on your BlackBerry device and you have at least one media file saved on your device, you can quickly switch between your personal and work spaces.

  1. In the Pictures app, on the Date, Recent, or Albums screen, slide your finger down on the middle of the screen.
  2. Tap Personal or Work.

Doing more with your pictures and picture albums

You can do more with your pictures and picture albums such as view them as a slideshow, delete them, send or share them with friends, and so on. You can also view properties of your pictures and picture albums, including size, name, and date taken. You can see the available options by tapping More or by touching and holding an album and then tapping More.